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Date added: Jan 06 2022 - 11:36 am
Last modified on: Jan 07 2022 - 4:24 am
Version: 10.1.1
Downloads: 3

Vince said on his blog: Jomres v10 has been released and it's fully compatible with Joomla 4

This information is false. I tried to install v10 on Joomla 4.05 and it failed.


ALL these plugins have been updated by me but I didn't go through all the plugins to undate the version numbers. All I did per Vince's blog post below is copy all plugins with templates from "bootstrap3" to "bootstrap0". I also copied all plugins with templates from "bootstrap3" to "bootstrap5".


The reason why you might get a patTemplate error is because a plugin is looking for "bootstrap0". This is really a copy of "bootstrap3".


Vince's blog post: As a part of the update process approximately 85 plugins have been updated with a Bootstrap 5 template set to complement the upcoming Jomres release. The purpose of these updates is so that you can install the new version of Jomres on Joomla 4, with plugins, without the system throwing errors because the template sets don't exist. The template sets for each plugin have not yet been modified to work with Bootstrap 5, they're essentially copies of the Bootstrap 3 templates that already exist. Some will need only minor changes, some will need much more significant changes and I'll be rolling out those changes over the next few weeks once the new version of Jomres has been formally released. As you probably know, updating plugins is very easy using the Jomres Plugin Manager which is why it makes sense to do things in this order, rather than rolling out individual plugins after the new Jomres version has been released, and having the ticket system getting clogged up with people saying "X plugin is causing patTemplate errors!" because it hasn't been updated yet.


Jomres v10.0.0 NOT compatible with Joomla 4.05!